Academic Journal Rankings

Academic Journal Rankings - Business & Economics Edition

AJR – Business and Economics Edition is designed to help researchers in business, economics and related disciplines by providing journal ranking information for more than 3,500 academic journals. 

Drawing on well-known journal ranking lists developed by business schools and associations across the world, AJR allows you to search, filter and store your favourite journals in one convenient app.

Click here to for a list of subject areas and ranking lists covered by AJR. The app will be available to download to your Apple iOS or Android device soon.

Subject Areas in the Business & Economics Edition:

Accounting, Banking and Finance

  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability

  • Banking, Finance and Investment

Commercial, Contract and Taxation Law

  • Commercial and Contract Law

  • Taxation Law

Economics and Econometrics

  • Applied Economics

  • Econometrics

  • Economic Theory

  • Other Economics

  • Statistics

Marketing and Management

  • Business and Management

  • Marketing

Transportation and Tourism

  • Tourism

  • Transportation and Freight Services

Other Business and Economics

  • Commercial Services

  • Information Systems

Ranking Lists in the Business & Economics Edition:

  • Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List

  • The United Kingdom Chartered Association of Business Schools’ (ABS) Academic Journal Guide

  • French National Committee for Scientific Research (CNRS) Categorization of Journals in Economics and Management

  • ESSEC (Paris) Rankings of Journals

  • The Association of University Professors of Business in German speaking countries (VNB) Journal Rankings

  • Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics of the Universidade de Evora (CEFAGE) Journal Rankings

At present AJR covers business, economics and related disciplines. If you have suggestions for other subject areas or ranking lists, we welcome your feedback.